The Project

An unmanned installation had reached the end of its life, having ceased production a few years earlier. Due to technical concerns, the six topsides wells were to be plugged and abandoned (P&A), and a variety of inspection and repair work was to be carried out.

The project centred around the planning of the platform well’s plugging and abandonment, using a specialist drilling rig brought along side to carry out the operation. Two assets working in Combined Operations (COMOPS) in this way is a high-risk activity that requires careful preparation, as well as notifications to the UK Regulator.

We delivered a package of documents that included:

  • COMOPS Notification to the UK regulator
  • Fire & Explosion risk assessment
  • HAZID / ENVID Workshop Report
  • COMOPS Emergency Response Plan
  • COMOPS SECE (Safety and Environmental Critical Elements) Performance Standards
  • SIMOPS Matrix (Simultaneous Operations, i.e. a matrix outlining the high-risk activities that cannot occur at the same time)

The Challenge

As ever, there were tight time and budgetary constraints to contend with, with a large quantity of documents and activities needing to be delivered and completed in a short space of time.

The Solution

As per our normal MO, we embedded ourselves in the customer’s organisation. This involved working out of their Hull office for three weeks to ensure we could make the greatest impact.

We used our experience in preparing, and in being involved with, over a dozen projects that needed combined operations.

We acted as a focal point between the offshore team, the Technical Authorities and the drilling contractor to streamline communications and enhance the safety of the project.

The Result

The package of risk assessments, reports and regulatory notifications was completed and signed off on time, prior to their delivery date. These are completely ready to go for when the job will be executed.

Craig Jenkinson, HSE and Technical Director of Centrica Storage, said:

“Salus Technical were pivotal to the planning of the project. The work completed was to a high standard, very proactive in nature, solution driven and a vital cog in our preparation work. The experience of the Salus team from similar projects with other operators and duty holders was clearly evident, and helped us work efficiently and quickly through any issues that arose.

 “The work ethic and professionalism of the Salus team was of a very high standard at all times and came with a personal touch and attention to detail that was greatly appreciated by all. I would not hesitate to use Salus again for any Technical Safety consultancy work.”

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