The well management company initially put 20 members of their management team through our Process Safety Awareness training and following successful completion, they decided to sign up an additional 25 members of staff within the project team.

Exceed’s QHSE Manager, Mike Wright, stated: “The Process Safety Awareness course was the perfect way to engage our workforce in process safety.  It has really helped them to understand that we all play a role in preventing incidents.

“The initial rollout of the training was such a success that we have now signed up our project teams.  This means that all staff will have the same level of understanding as we embark on future projects.”

A member of staff who completed the course, added: “I’ve been able to immediately apply the learnings from the training to my role.  The bite-sized videos allowed me to complete the course at my own pace, making it more manageable to digest information and act on it.”

Salus Technical’s Process Safety Awareness course was recently accredited by the IChemE as ‘outstanding’.  The training is delivered via a series of 25 short, on-demand videos aimed at introducing the concept of process safety to non-safety professionals in major hazard industries.  The goal is to ensure that all employees understand the role they play in accident prevention.

Here’s where to find out more about the course.

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