We are delighted to share the news that we won the Sharing and Learning Award at the Offshore Safety Awards on 4th July, based on our HSE Research document. 

The awards formed part of the Positive Influencing Safety event organised by Step Change in Safety and OEUK, to mark the 35th anniversary of Piper Alpha.  The day was incredibly inspiring with excellent speakers, and it is a given that industry continually wants to increase sharing and learning on safety matters.  Therefore, we at Salus Technical will continue to play our part. 

Our HSE Research document titled ‘How offshore inspection scores reveal major accident prevention measures’ was published in January 2023 following a meticulous review of 147 HSE offshore inspection letters revealing over 1,000 non-compliances. 

We accessed this information through a Freedom of Information request, and it is important for us to highlight that the findings were converted into a truly anonymous database, removing all references to duty holders and installations.  Recurring findings were detailed for each offshore inspection topic and actionable advice on how to prevent them was provided. 

Our team devoted six months to the self-funded project, then shared the guidance free-of-charge and we are pleased to say that it has been downloaded 3,000 times to date. 

We have enjoyed many positives since publishing our work, including being invited by Duty Holders to present our findings to leadership teams and their workforce.  Receiving an Offshore Safety Award has been a wonderful addition to these positive outcomes. 

You can download your free copy of the research document here:  salus-technical.com/hse-research-2019/#downloads 

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