What is your job title and responsibilities?  

I’m a Customer Success Specialist. My main duty is to help our users get the most out of our bowtie diagram software, Bowtie Master. This includes resolving support requests, onboarding new customers, and assisting our developers in improving the software. I’m also very involved in our website, blog and social media. These are all great tools to reach our customers and I try to use them creatively.  

It would be hard to define all of my responsibilities, because they change based on what’s happening in the organisation. Whenever there’s a project going on, I like to help however I can. 

What does a normal workday look like for you?  

My days vary, but what remains the same is that I always prioritise communicating with our customers. I answer any support requests before diving into other projects. I start every day by making a to-do list, preparing for any meetings and ensuring I know what my priorities are.  

Some days are busy with testing new product updates, meetings, or support requests, but other days I spend time brainstorming ideas and planning for the future by drafting blog posts, email campaigns, social media, etc.  

What talents or skills does someone in this job need to have? 

My background is in Communications and Marketing, which lends itself well to my role. Great communications skills are necessary to help build relationships with a diverse customer base. I also believe that my willingness to learn new things is essential in my role. I enjoy learning about industries, organisations and roles that I had no previous experience with. Finally, I would say an eye for design and detail is important as a lot of my role involves website, social media, etc.  

What do you like most about your job? 

Working at a smaller organisation, I get to see the impact of my work in a very tangible way. I feel proud of the work we do and it’s rewarding to know that my role is an essential part of our operations. I also love the diversity of my role. I get to dive into projects that are different from what I’ve done in the past. It’s very rare that I’ll shy away from the chance to be involved in something because it’s unfamiliar to me, so as long as there’s an opportunity to learn, I’m happy to contribute.  

What do you want to achieve by 2027?  

My employment at Salus is on a fixed contract, so by 2027 I’ll likely be back in my home country, Canada. It’s always been important for me to feel like my work has an impact, so I’d like to be working in an organisation that aligns with my personal values, such as tackling social and environmental issues. I also have an even greater appreciation for workplace safety, and could see myself continuing with a similar organisation. 

What has been your favourite project to work on so far? 

My most memorable project at Salus was given to me on my first day. I started in the middle of a hackathon, which was being held to make progress on our now-live HAZOP.AI. I was able to contribute to the hackathon by creating a landing page for the product.  

I’d say my favourite project to date, however, has been becoming a bit of a project manager while Bowtie Master has undergone big changes to our diagram editor, website, marketing channels, etc. It’s been exciting to contribute my thoughts and ideas to help shape our product and its market presence.  

If you had an unnecessary superpower, what would it be?  

To know whether I would like a movie, book or podcast before reading/watching it. I’m an indecisive person, and often spend more time picking a movie than actually watching it. The targeted ads on my phone sometimes get it right, but I need something that would tell me for sure if I’m going to like it. 

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