Lessons learned from offshore inspections.
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Salus Technical

Helping you to understand and manage the risks of major accident hazards.

What We Do


We have developed a range of process safety software applications to help you understand and manage your risks. Our products include applications in bowtie diagrams and human error analysis.

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We’re specialists, yes, but we don’t ‘consult’ from on high. Dictating isn’t our style; we work collaboratively with our customers, becoming embedded in their team.

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Training plays a vital role in equipping your team with the process safety knowledge and competencies they need to prevent major accidents. We offer both on-demand safety training and interactive courses.

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How offshore inspection scores reveal major accident prevention measures

Learning lessons from 147 offshore inspection letters sent to duty holders in 2019

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Process safety should be straightforward. We work closely with our customers to help them understand and manage the risks of major accidents within their operations.

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