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Learning lessons from 147 offshore inspection letters sent to duty holders in 2019

Each year, the Energy Division of the UK HSE visits over 100 offshore oil and gas installations to carry out inspections on a wide range of topics. If a topic inspection finds poor performance, the HSE writes to the duty holder outlining the action they need to take to improve. The total number of non-compliances each year is public record, but not the detail that lies within.

We believe this is a missed opportunity to learn as the detail is where the true value lies – greater understanding and awareness can inform changes to prevent incidents taking place.

Following the submission of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the HSE, we set about analysing the detail of 147 letters, converting these into an anonymous database, removing all reference to duty holders and installations.

The end-result of our analysis is this guidance document. Grouped by inspection topic, we break down the detail, highlighting common areas of concern, and offering real, actionable advice to prevent major accidents happening in the future.

Duty holders’ assurance checklists

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