In a bid to continuously improve Bowtie Master, we’ve been taking notes from the people who know our product the best: our customers!

We have been working hard behind the scenes and have taken their valuable feedback onboard and can share Bowtie Master’s newest features.


A Customisable Risk Assessment Matrix

To understand the risk of each consequence, they can now be assessed using a risk matrix. Users can build their own matrices and customise them to suit their needs i.e., risk matrix sizing, severity and likelihood definitions and display (initial or residual risk). This increases the visibility of the risks identified assisting in future decision making.

Sync Button

If you have to make a change to a barrier that appears more than once on a bowtie, use the sync button to apply that change to all instances of that barrier. This will both save time and ensure that your bowtie diagrams remain up to date.

Barrier Descriptions

The information shown on a bowtie diagram should be concise and easy to understand. Our users fed back that they also wish to add more information that is hidden from view but can be referred to when needed. We have now added subheadings to our barriers where you can enter document numbers, tag numbers or any other information you like.

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