Aberdeenshire headquartered process safety firm, Salus Technical, have signed a technical partnership deal with a leading global operational risk management company, ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting). This new collaboration combines Salus Technical’s Bowtie Master software with ABS Consulting’s robust history providing risk management solutions to industrial sectors worldwide.

Many ABS Consulting clients have already made the transition to Bowtie Master to assist in the development of their comprehensive risk management plans. The success of the partnership to date has enabled Salus Technical to expand its global footprint, and branch out into different sectors, in addition to its core oil and gas customer base. Five new customers are now on board across several geographical regions and industries including the aerospace, marine and utility sectors, as well as oil and gas. One new customer has signed up for four years, while another five companies, which have come through ABS Consulting, are also currently evaluating the product via a free trial.

Salus Technical are predicted to exceed £200K in revenue this financial year – a 75% increase on the previous year – with the ABS Group partnership contributing 15% of that figure. Software sales are responsible for approximately 20% of this year’s turnover, as opposed to 5% the previous year. This business growth has seen Salus Technical employ both a process safety engineer, and a student placement, and plans are in place to expand the business model further – the Salus team are currently in discussion with a number of interested parties.

ABS Consulting was one of the first firms to develop their own commercial bowtie diagram software programme, and previously offered their THESIS product. Partnering with Salus Technical will now allow the international risk and safety company to use the leading-edge Bowtie Master package for its own consultancy arm, as well as offering its customers full access to the software.

A new, intuitive software package, Bowtie Master helps organisations to visualise, understand and communicate risk via the building and sharing of bowtie diagrams. The cloud-based application offers unprecedented capabilities to design, collaborate on and share bowtie diagrams across disciplines and organisations.

Founder and MD of Salus Technical, David Jamieson, developed Bowtie Master following an extensive career working in-house for major operators and service providers. David said: “ABS Consulting have established an enviable reputation for helping their clients to maximise safety, secure their assets, improve performance and reduce risk. For one of the market leaders not just in safety, but in bowtie diagrams in particular, to be giving Bowtie Master their seal of approval is a real endorsement of the software’s capabilities. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce Bowtie Master to the key markets ABS Consulting serves such as marine and offshore, industrial, power and energy and oil, gas and chemical.”

“While bowtie diagrams have been around for a while, and are an excellent training tool to help understand our risks, our barriers and what can make them fail, Bowtie Master fully exploits their potential to communicate and thus reduce risk. A user-friendly software solution, it helps employees across the organisation to visually depict potential accident scenarios, and communicate these seamlessly via a cloud-based application.”

Brian Weaver, Vice President Risk and Reliability, ABS Consulting commented: “Bowtie Master integrates with risk management to enable the seamless communication of safety, reliability and business continuity across the enterprise—a holistic approach supported by customization and data-driven decision making. We look forward to offering this dynamic software package to our valued clients in addition to utilizing it for our consultancy services.”

Salus Technical is a process safety consultancy firm which works with customers to help them understand and manage the risks of major accidents. Since Salus Technical launched full-time in 2019, the firm has supported oil and gas operators with technical safety engineering on a variety of brownfield, greenfield and decommissioning projects, in addition to launching Bowtie Master.

This article originally appeared in Energy Voice: https://www.energyvoice.com/health-safety-environment/347612/westhill-safety-firm-predicting-revenue-bounce-after-striking-partnership-deal/

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