Aberdeen-based process safety firm, Salus Technical, has launched an online, on-demand training course which covers the fundamentals of managing process safety in high-hazard industries.

With reports from over two thirds of managers in the energy industries that safety training was cancelled or postponed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the course has been designed to upskill personnel with vital knowledge and understanding in a convenient and time-efficient format.

Launching today (7 September), the Process Safety Awareness course is geared towards all personnel working in major hazard industries, and not just those tasked specifically with responsibility for process safety. The content has been written in line with key process safety frameworks from organisations around the world. Each of the series of short, dynamic videos communicates key points clearly, and gives immediately actionable advice.

Two UK-based energy operators have already signed up some of their workforce for the course, while several others have expressed an interest.

Founder and Managing Director of Salus Technical, David Jamieson said: “I can’t imagine what the families of victims must go through when they lose loved ones to a completely avoidable accident. I truly believe that the best way to prevent major accidents is to increase the process safety knowledge and understanding of everyone working in major hazard industries. THAT is what we have tried to make possible here.

“This course is about shifting the mindset of ‘safety is someone else’s job’ and getting to a place where each individual member of staff understands that they have a role to play in preventing major accidents. Everyone working in a major hazard industry should be knowledgeable in process safety, and the learnings from our course can be applied immediately. The easier we can make it for people to learn these points, then the quicker they can action them, making hazardous environments a safer place to work.

“In my experience, process safety training courses tend to take up quite a lot of time, but the concise, succinct, and engaging format in which our course is delivered has proven to be more impactful in a much shorter timeframe. There is approximately 80 minutes of content in total for delegates to consume, and they can do this at their own pace, in any location, so it’s ideal for workforces spread across the office, offshore and working from home. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with users stating that the content is engaging and stimulating, featuring lots of graphics and animations.”

With over 30 years of process safety experience, David and his team are passionate about applying lessons learned from the oil and gas industry to ensure that operational risks are understood and managed, and that ultimately, lives are saved across multiple high hazard environments.

David has extensive experience in the training sector, and is a regular speaker at industry events, including the recent OEUK HSE conference. He has written, recorded, and delivered numerous training courses to date including ‘Bowtie Diagrams and Barrier Management’ and ‘UK Offshore Safety Legislation for Engineers’. During the pandemic lockdowns, he shared online process safety training webinars with over 500 participants, completely free-of-charge.

The certified Process Safety Awareness course is aligned to Process Safety frameworks and leadership principles from accredited institutions including the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and Offshore Energies UK (OEUK). To find out more visit:


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