Aberdeen-based process safety firm, Salus Technical, has launched the first online, dedicated Human Factors software solution for the creation of task analyses within major hazard industries.

Safety critical task analysis (SCTA) is a crucial process designed to predict and understand the role that human error plays in major accidents. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have advised that there is room for improvement in implementing these into the risk assessment process across major hazard industries. Following on from HSE guidance on this, Salus Technical have developed a solution to support major hazard industries identify and manage Human Factors in safety critical tasks, and thereby reduce the risks posed by human error.

Designed and built from the ground-up by Salus Technical in collaboration with software developers, Aberdeen-based STC INSISO, the Task Analysis software’s main purpose is to simplify, streamline and optimise the creation of task analyses. These are designed to ensure that safety critical tasks are undertaken correctly, and that the potential for human error is understood and managed. However, until now, many Human Factors practitioners have been restricted to using time-consuming and complex systems which aren’t always purpose-built for task analysis.

Founder and MD of Salus Technical, David Jamieson said: “Our passion for learning from previous industry incidents to ensure that potential operational risks are understood and managed, and that ultimately, lives are saved within multiple high hazard environments is at the very core of everything we do.  The wealth of information held in HSE letters to duty holders was a shining example of just that and an opportunity for us to ensure we were developing software that truly addressed a real and continuing challenge in the industry.  Understanding the barriers in place preventing effective task analyses being completed allowed us to develop a purpose-built, collaborative platform which is clean, simple, and prioritises safety not only within oil and gas, but also in existing and emerging high hazard industries to create real change.”

The Task Analysis software is available now.  A demonstration can be booked via the Task Analysis website: https://taskanalysissoftware.com/


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