An Aberdeenshire headquarted start-up has launched a new software solution aimed at enhancing and streamlining the risk assessment process across the energy industry and beyond.

While the recently published HSE 2019 Offshore Statistics revealed that the number of poor or very poor inspection results has reduced to 26%, it nevertheless remains the case that 1 in 4 inspections found that the issues in question didn’t meet the relevant minimum safety requirements.

Process safety firm, Salus Technical, have developed Bowtie Master with the intention of helping organisations to understand and manage the risks of major accident hazards, thereby reducing the incidence of these. A cloud-based application, Bowtie Master facilitates the building and sharing of bowtie diagrams. While bowtie diagrams have been in use for a number of years as a risk assessment tool across a range of industrial sectors, this new, intuitive software offers unprecedented capabilities to design, collaborate on and share these diagrams across disciplines and organisations.

As well as oil and gas, Bowtie Master can be used across a wide range of major hazard industries including aerospace, rail, construction and cyber security.

Founder of Salus Technical, David Jamieson, developed Bowtie Master following an extensive career working in-house for major operators and service providers. David commented: “Working as a Principal Technical Safety Engineer, it’s been my experience that a significant proportion of accidents could have been prevented if the risks and barriers in place had been better understood by, or communicated to, all relevant personnel.

“This fuelled Salus Technical’s development of a new user-friendly bowtie diagram software solution – one that would help employees across the organisation to visually depict potential accident scenarios, and communicate these seamlessly via a cloud-based application. We describe Bowtie Master as a lens through which to understand, visualise and communicate risk. It’s part of a wider drive towards increasing the safety competencies of individuals, teams and organisations.”

Salus Technical will be exhibiting at the Institute of Chemical Engineer’s virtual process safety conference, Hazards30, on 26 – 27th November. David will be delivering a presentation about Bowtie Master on Thursday 26th, while conference delegates will be able to try out the new software free-of-charge for the duration of the event.

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