You may have already read our article What is a Bowtie Diagram? that describes the elements that make up this highly visual risk assessment tool. We have created a free bow tie diagram template with a handy cheat sheet to get you started on your first diagram using the bowtie method!

Download a free Excel Bowtie Diagram Template here.

Download a free PowerPoint Bowtie Diagram Template here.

The cheat sheet outlines the seven steps required to build a bowtie diagram and provides a list of questions to keep you on track.

Bowtie analysis is a risk assessment method used to identify key controls related to the hazard under investigation. For more guidance on how to construct a robust bowtie diagram that assists with barrier management have a look at our Bowtie Diagrams – A Trouble Shooting Guide.

Ready to get started? Head to Bowtie Master or book a demo to learn more.

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