Following a successful product demonstration involving over 30 companies globally, Aberdeen-based, Salus Technical, is proceeding with the development of its latest product, HAZOP.AI.  However, the company seeks the involvement of ambitious web developers to finalise the innovative tool.

The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot’s intended use is for Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) and will prompt users to consider risks they may have missed, assist in answering questions, and provide guidance on good practice as well as past incidents with relevant learnings.

Its popularity has prompted David Jamieson, Founder and MD of Salus Technical, to set an ambitious target – to have the tool completed and ready for use before the end of June.  This will be achieved through the company hosting a one-week long hackathon – an event which brings people with specific skillsets together to rapidly complete a project.

The hackathon team will comprise Safety Engineers, AI Engineers, Process Engineers, and Software Developers but a Front-End Web App Developer and Full Stack Developer is still required to participate in the project from 12th-16th June.

David said, “Saving lives in hazardous environments is at the very core of all that we do, and that is why it is crucial for us to complete HAZOP.AI and have the working version ready for use in this short timeframe.  We are extremely proud of what we have created so far, and we now need to give it our undivided attention because the tool has huge potential to reduce industry incidents.”

David is passionate about sharing learnings from previous incidents in mature industries such as oil and gas and applying these to all major hazard industries.

He continued, “The hackathon is an opportunity for Aberdeen-based developers to be part of the creation of a risk management tool which will be used globally.  The product has the potential to transform how HAZOPs are performed by utilising the latest technology to reduce the time in which risk assessments are completed, while increasing the quality of the learnings.

The hackathon will take place at Salus Technical’s office in Queen’s Gardens, Aberdeen, and those participating will receive payment.  The opportunity is open to students, recent graduates or individuals who are in work but would like to be involved in this innovative venture.  Those interested should contact:

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