The Project

A North Sea operator planned to replace two 36” isolation valves offshore. The replacement of these valves within the utility shaft is an essential piece of maintenance to ensure continued safe operations.

The high-risk nature of the task required safe isolation of the utility shaft prior to changing out the valve.

Salus Technical led an assessment to understand the risks associated with the safe isolation. Additionally, the assessment assisted the operator in deciding on the isolation approach which reduced risk to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

The Challenge

The hazard identification (HAZID) study and ALARP assessment was carried out remotely, and hence required expert facilitation to engage all disciplines. Furthermore, the assessment required a chair who had both an appreciation of the practicalities of the operation and the skill set to assess risk.

The Solution

Having conducted numerous hazard identification assessments for similar operations, we knew exactly what we were looking for in terms of information. We spoke to key individuals to understand concerns and reviewed documentation prior to the HAZID, which ensured an effective session.

The Result

Salus Technical’s operational experience and risk management expertise was drawn upon swiftly to understand the risks and demonstrate ALARP. We were able to provide the operator with a way forward that ensured risks were reduced to ALARP, allowing them to get back to business as usual.

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