The Project

Salus Technical provided Lead Technical Safety Engineer support for a client undertaking back-to-back combined operations (COMOPS) campaigns. The task at hand involved plugging and abandoning (P&A) six platform wells on an unmanned installation. Our responsibilities spanned planning and facilitating HAZID and SIMOPS workshops, authoring essential bridging documentation (including emergency response), and submitting the COMOPS Notification (CON) to the regulator.


The Challenge

Due to an extended period of non-visit to the platform, there was significant uncertainty surrounding its integrity, requiring a walk-to-work campaign ahead of the drill rig’s arrival. This complexity demanded another suite of COMOPS deliverables to be delivered in a short time frame. Two installations operating together in COMOPS presented considerable risk and required extensive work to demonstrate to the regulator that the operation was safe to proceed.


The Solution

Drawing on our experience in supporting over a dozen COMOPS projects in the UK North Sea, we efficiently managed these challenges. We adopted a ‘plug and play’ approach, integrating ourselves with the project team and proactively delivering technical safety solutions. Rather than waiting for information, we sought out risks and implemented strategies to mitigate them.


The Result

Both campaigns were executed successfully and without incident. The working practices identified during the HAZID and SIMOPS were adopted and introduced to the workforce. Training and induction packs were provided, further enhancing the workforce’s understanding and adherence to safety practices. Our expertise and proactive approach played a pivotal role in managing the high-risk scenario of combined operations and ensuring the smooth execution of the campaigns.





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