Bowtie Master software is based on the bowtie method and helps users create high quality bowtie diagrams.

The Bowtie Master website contains how-to guides that will assist you with getting started on your first bow tie diagram. In addition to these guides, we have created a bowtie analysis cheat sheet that provides guidance on how to carry out a bow-tie risk assessment.

How to carry out bowtie analysis in seven steps:

  1. Identify and document the hazard that is to be investigated
  2. Identify the top event i.e. the major accident
  3. Identify the initiating events (i.e the threats)
  4. Identify the consequences if the major accident was to escalate
  5. Identify preventative barriers that are capable of completely stopping the top event or preventing the initiating event
  6. Identify mitigative barriers that prevent or limit the consequences
  7. Identify escalation factors that define how the barriers identified could degrade

Build your first bowtie diagram and identify the key controls that keep your operation safe. Head to Bowtie Master to start your free bowtie diagram software trial today.

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