Premium provides a seamless user experience with advanced features allowing a detailed and accurate risk assessment to be performed with limited user input required. This is currently in development and we are looking for early adopters to help us optimise its features and functionality. The features will include, but won't be limited to:

Advanced Input Features

Fully customisable crane curves

Draw the full crane curve to allow the consequences of a dropped load anywhere inside it to be determined.

Multiple pipelines

Complex subsea infrastructure with multiple pipelines can be drawn and risk assessed individually or cumulatively.

Enhanced customisation

Upload your company’s own risk matrix and logo. The contents of the reports can be modified, allowing you to report exactly what you require.

Environmental Data

Increased accuracy of risk assessment by considering subsea currents and drag coefficient of dropped loads.

Further customise pipeline protection

Determine the impact resistance of other protection methods such as pipe-in-pipe, trenches and bundles.


Maximise Results

Recommended crane exclusion zones

The report contains crane exclusion zone drawings for areas where the risk of damage to a pipeline or umbilical is unacceptable.

Maximum dropped load excursion drawings

The maximum possible seabed excursion of dropped loads will be calculated and shown on a drawing. This tool contributes to the safe planning of diving operations.

Recommend position of pipeline Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV)

With our detailed consequence modelling, the optimum location of a potential SSIV is recommended.

Overlay results onto detailed drawings

A3 drawings are automatically generated and ready for issue.

Automated Uncertainty assessment

Automatically determine the sensitivity of key variables to ensure that the outputs are accurate.

Subsea gas releases

Determine the extent of subsea gas releases based on a dropped object hit location.

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