After joining us last month as a graduate Process Safety Engineer, we caught up with Umar to find out how he is getting on in his new role.

Tell us a bit about your career before starting at Salus Technical?

After graduating from University of Strathclyde with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering, I worked within the Engineering department to continue my Masters project in creating a simulation software aimed at supporting students enrolled in the reactor’s engineering classes. I created video tutorials to help understand the software and course contents, using advanced video editing software. After completing the project, I moved to Crewe for a 6-week Process Engineering placement, gaining experience in the food industry. The team and I were processing seaweed on a pilot production plant. I operated industrial equipment such as a vacuum evaporator and spray dryer, while also writing and updating process safety documents

How did you find out about the graduate Process Safety Engineer role, and what were your motivations for applying?

I found the job ad on LinkedIn, and when I read it, I thought “This is something I can definitely get stuck into!” What made this role even more interesting were the aspects of software development and media creation that were required. I’ve always had a deep interest in software, going back to my university days, when I completed my Masters project in creating an app using MATLAB. A personal interest of mine has always been to edit videos, so I felt compelled to apply for the role! I also wanted to work in a small company, so this was just right!

What are you working on right now?

I’m already working on a few projects. Most of my time is spent on live consultancy jobs, for example, I have been taking part in plenty of HAZID and HAZOP workshops, as well as helping to develop key safety procedures. Although this presents its challenges, I enjoy and appreciate all that I am learning. When I’m not working on live projects, I have been continuing my learning in software programs such as Power BI and Zapier, while also progressing in my technical writing course. I also recently completed a course in drilling & well operations. Having all these opportunities to learn is quite unbelievable and unexpected, and I want to keep on going!

Every two weeks I attend a graduate scheme arranged by Opportunity North-East. They host workshops and lectures with different speakers presenting very intriguing topics to aid in our development in the world of business. Going to these workshops gives me the opportunity to network and meet people, which is usually not possible at smaller sized companies!

What is the most interesting aspect of working for Salus Technical?

The most interesting aspect of working at Salus Technical is the number of live projects I’m involved in. Again, it was very unexpected to be working at this level as a graduate. Working on multiple projects every day is great – I’m thoroughly enjoying the variety of the job. I’m always exploring, reading, learning, and writing! It’s great.

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