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Launching July 2020

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Beta Testing - July 2020

Salus Technical are excited to announce that we are launching Bowtie Master in July 2020.

Bowtie Master will allow you to visualise your risk from Major Accidents. It is cloud-based, meaning that it can you can access and edit your Bowtie Diagrams from anywhere. You can add as many users as you like, increasing collaboration on Process Safety. We have made building a Bowtie Diagram straightforward by including features such as drag & drop.

Bowties can be published, meaning that they are visible to all members  of your organisation who have registered. All published Bowties can be embedded onto any webpage or SharePoint, allowing key Process Safety information to be communicated to the people who need it. Alternatively, you can download all Bowtie Diagrams as a high quality image to include within presentations and documents.

What to expect in the test?

  • The test will start in July 2020 and you will have free access to Bowtie Master for four weeks
  • You will have full support of Salus Technical during the test period
  • Bowtie Master may still be in active development so expect some instabilities/changes
  • You will be asked to provide feedback

Why take part?

  • You will have early access to a new means of visualising your risk from Major Accidents
  • The feedback we have received so far has been extremely valuable. If you take part, and provide feedback then to say thank you, you will receive a 50% discount on Bowtie Master if you want to continue using it

There are a very limited number of slots available so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in taking part. Please contact info@Salus-technical.com and include your name, company and any other questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Bowtie Master is cloud-based so can be accessed from any device



Easily build Bowtie Diagrams with our enhanced ‘drag & drop’ features



Invite multiple members of your team to view and edit Bowtie Diagrams



Bowtie Diagrams can be embedded onto any webpage or Sharepoint so that you can easily communicate the risk to your organisation



Download Bowtie Diagrams as high-quality images to include within your presentations or documents



Get both Software and Process Safety support from the Salus Team